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Art has been encouraged in my life from the time of birth. I am a former Bharat Natyam dancer and performed with Nrityanjali School of Dance for almost 14 years. I've played instruments as well as sang throughout my life, but my strongest passion has been Henna (Mehndi). I am a self-taught Henna Artist and have done events throughout the DMV area over the last 15+ years. In college, I hosted a lot of events for my university applying henna tattoos on hundreds of students. I’ve designed henna art as accessories for fashion show models as well as photo shoot models. A lot of my spare time has been applying henna for cultural events as well as weddings.

I like to use my cultural background as inspiration in my work. My family is originally from Indian, however, the past several generations have been born and raised in East Africa. As my life has been a hybrid of cultures and religions (specifically Hinduism and Islam), I've been very blessed to see the history of art unfold through my many travels.


My recent experiences with henna have led me down the path of glitter henna as well as colored henna. I like to use my conversation with clients to guide my henna art and give a very personalized design concept to each person I interact with. Glitter henna and rhinestone designs have become very popular over time allowing the art of henna itself to become more socially known. Henna is not just for brides or even women anymore – Henna tattoos are commonly found on men and as such, I have become very adept in mimicking a design/picture of the client’s choice.


As henna was originally created with the mindset of adorning a beautiful bride on her special day, I use only natural and organic henna in my endeavor to adorn as many as possible to make each day a little more special for him/her. It is my absolute pleasure to team up with The Bethesda Salt Cave to fulfill this dream of mine and get the opportunity to work with clients to create a customized henna design for each!