Traditional Henna

Wait for the henna design to fully dry. Do not allow it to get wet and/or come in contact with other items (including clothing) as it will stain & smear the design
Suggested time would be to try and keep the crust on your skin for as long as possible (preferably overnight). Mixture of 1 tsp lemon juice + ½ tsp sugar can be added gently to design using cotton ball

If keeping overnight – a cotton sock is often the best way to maintain the integrity of the design during sleep as well as a cleaner way to catch crusted excess and soak any moisture or sweat throughout the night
The longer the design is kept away from water, the darker your color can be expected to turn out. Design will be bright orange at first and then gradually darken to brown. Henna stains take 48 hours to develop

Please note: Use of hand sanitizer and/or excessive hand washing will change the chemical balance of the color and can encourage a shorter lifespan of the stain